White Stone Revitalization

In addition to the $1.4 million grant the Town of White Stone was awarded in 2015 for housing rehabilitation, the construction of a wastewater treatment system, and stormwater drainage improvements, the Northern Neck Planning District Commission has been assisting the Town with efforts to revitalize its business district.

In 2020, the Town received a $1,000,000 grant from the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) to revitalize its business district based on its White Stone Business District Revitalization Plan.

1 – Business District Revitalization Activities

  • Façade improvements centered at the intersection of Route 3 (Rappahannock Drive) and Route 200 (Chesapeake Drive).
  • Demolition of blighted structures.
  • The design and installation of wayfaring signage (gateway signs and directional signs).
  • The creation of murals on sites to be determined.
  • The installation of public improvements: landscaping, street furniture, and pedestrian crosswalks.
  • The development of a marketing website and a marketing plan for the Town.
  • The rehabilitation of upper-story housing units in the project area.
  • The creation of a pocket park.

2 – Revolving Loan Fund

  • The creation of a fund for loans to businesses in the Project Area. One full-time-equivalent (FTE) job will be created in the Project Area for every $10,000 loaned out, and at least 51% of the jobs created will be held by Low- and Moderate-Income (LMI) individuals.



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